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Iliad Reflection By: Maya Korol A great importance to the Greeks was made known in the story of the Iliad. It showed that the greeks valued dreams, for they made one of the most important myths and cultural beliefs of their time based upon one (Hecuba’s prophecy). All of this started with her dreams, which was so powerful and predicted the outcome of the entire story. Dreams must have been very respected because if not, they would not have wrote their mythological beings taking them so seriously. Plus, a great argument was made over a prophetess (“dreamer”) by two important mythological figures, Achilles and Agamemnon. No ordinary girl would have been wrote to have caused so much strife on the Greek’s side. It would have had to be because of her ability to see the future, which would have made her a hot commodity. Because of her dreams, she was the cause of Achilles withdrawal from battle and the social civil war going on. The value of crops was also proved. All the strife caused was due to an apple (a crop grown in ancient Greece). If they had not cared about their crops, they wouldn’t have made the most respected images of all times (the goddesses, who all happen to be part of the Big Twelve) fight over them. In the story, they made the crop sound like it was something deserving to be fought over, a glorious object representing wealth and power. Another value the Greeks proved to be beauty. In the text, Paris chose a beautiful lady over power or wisdom as bribery. Thus, if they made one of the most famous characters of all times choose between three highly esteemed gifts, they would make him choose something they would think is important. Plus, they made their goddesses give him gifts of immeasurable value (for that was what they considered the power of the gods) so they would all have to be things the Greeks greatly admired in a person. For him to choose beauty must mean that they valued it as…