Essay on Environmental Biology

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Environmental Biology - conservation and management of natural resources using ecological principles

Environmental Biology

Throughout the years environmental issues have always caught my interest. Being from Boulder, Colorado one of the healthiest, cleanest cities in the world. I grew up with solar panels, windmills and an absurd amount of organic merchandise all in my backyard. But many people did not have this luxury and that is why environmentalists are struggling getting the word out about these ultimately lifesaving inventions. A few cities here and there are not going change the fact that we are rapidly killing off our environment, but they will help use educate the people around us. So when do we take a stand and say enough is enough? We take that stand now, using education to power our will to change the way we live. In this essay I will talk to you about how we can conserve and manage our natural resources using ecological principles.

Perhaps one of the most important ecological systems is balance. Balance in nature is a huge part in why we run out of resources so quickly. Our environment is made up of several different communities and ecosystems. Individually these systems are all complex but perhaps one of the most important things they have in common is their dependence on balance. Balance within these systems ultimately decides their fate and weather they rise and thrive or crash and burn. For example photosynthesis is huge in our way of life. But if the balance of sunlight, food and water is taken away from plants they will soon die which ultimately would kill off many other species that depend on them including us humans. Balance is a tricky thing in ecosystems and we do not want to disrupt them anymore. Using balance we can thrive our ecosystems to the next level. Recycling can conserve many of the natural resources we use every day. Only 35 percent of American household recycle. If we doubled this amount it would be equivalent to taking over 50 million cars off the road every year. Recycling helps use stop using as many fresh resources and instead reusing the ones until we can no longer produce goods from them. By not using as many fresh resources, the ecosystems would thrive and balance would not be such a big issue anymore.

Fragility is tricky in environments. Their vulnerability makes them susceptible to the people around them. This is where education comes in around the world. Not knowing enough about the environment can be deadly to you and those around you. By educating and making people aware of the damage we can hopefully limit the amount of damage we have caused. The advancement of modern civilization has had a great impact on our planet's natural resources. So using this, conserving natural resources is very essential today. There are many ways that one can conserve natural resources. All you need to do is to look