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An ERP Story: Background (A)
Case Study 1
This case analysis demonstrated the several problems an insurance company, ABS faced after completed acquisition. The critical problem is how to choose a project manager to launch a new project Integrated Management System Process. The purpose of the study is to define the criteria that should inform the selection of a project manager and identify solutions to overcome the difficulties that arise in connection with the project management.
A general insurance company in Quebec, Aux Bons Sonins, funded in 1950, in order to occupy the whole Canada’s market, acquired General Maritime Protection and Western General Insurance two companies separately. Jean Roberge was appointed to develop a strategic IT plan for sales growth. The main recommendation of this plan is to share information included financial, HR resources among three entities. Based on a lot of advantages of this project, Finally, the management committee approved the proposition to launch the Integrated Management System Process (IMSP) Project.
Currently, in order to give a blueprint about future planning of new ABS entity, a lot of information are needed to extracted and then consolidated for financial and human resources part. However, it is really difficult for consolidating information from three original companies, because of the diversity and quantity of data of sales and marketing parts.
For ABS at Canada, integrated a software package will help all manager level to track financial and marketing process, enable proactive decision making and make company more competitive due to specific preserving application. Moreover, this technical renewal is a better business practice to review the old and disparate process to help ABS achieve success through North America. For Jean, this technology will make him easier to re-engineer the management system. Successful implementing the project will establish his credibility in new IT section and increase him reputation within his career.
However, Jean Roberge can’t manage the whole project solely especially he knows this project how important to company. So how to choose a proper project leader became a crucial problem for this case.
How to selecting a leader of project is therefore extremely critical. For Jean Roberge, the ideal candidate for this position should know the company well and master technology and have excellent knowledge of the systems. This person should also be able to run authority over the project team and have rich experience managing large-scale projects. Moreover, the candidate who is time-oriented can control the overall and keep the progress within the budgets and schedules.
For this position, Mr. Roberge need a person who are not only a manager can control the behavior of others but also a leader can inspire, motivate and influence other to reach common goals.
Therefore good project managers first they need to accomplish project successfully especially acquiring project resources at first step. Then they should motivate and build a team. Thirdly, they should have vision and fight fires. It requires managers to have a big picture about their project,