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ALS 360 Library Research Assignment

Read the article “Personalized Cancer Care in an Age of Anxiety” by Susan Gilbert. There are a number of sections that have been highlighted in yellow. These represent places where it would be good to have a cited reference. Your mission is to find articles whose content would be appropriate for each of the highlighted sections. In some cases, the article is referencing a very specific article and others are more general. It is vitally important that you find references that fit the context of the article and sections. Do not just do a keyword search for the highlighted words and choose the first result! Think carefully about how an article you reference would support the claim in a given sentence or section. For each section you need to:

1. Read the entire article.
2. Search the databases for the/a best article to reference in a given highlighted section. Insert the reference in proper KGI style in the document below.
3. Include the database where you found the article as well as the final search terms you used to get that result (I should be able to reproduce your search using the terms you supply).
4. Give an explanation of why you chose a particular article over the thousands of other articles available. Think about the criteria we discussed in class and don’t make this too complicated, just use common sense and explain yourself.
5. Export/Input the articles you use into RefWorks and produce a bibliography using the KGI Biomarker Style. Attach that complete bibliography to the end of this assignment.
6. Submit the assignment using Sakai dropbox.

Reference: (1)
Database: Web of science
Search string: KRAS AND EFGR AND Cancer
Why this article? : Talks about receptiveness of KRAS and EFGR gene mutated patients to chemotherapy

breast cancer
Reference: (2)
Database: Web of Science
Search string: breast cancer AND genetic markers AND EFGR OR KRAS
Why this article?: Article is on the personalized medicine with relation to cancer and its genetic markers

genetic tests on the market that predict the likelihood of breast cancer recurring; Oncotype DX
Reference: (3)
Database: Web of science
Search string: Oncotype DX
Why this article?: Article talks about oncotype Dx and its role in genetic testing for cancer

estrogen-receptor positive
Reference: (4)
Database: Web of Science
Search string: estrogen-receptor positive AND breast cancer testing
Why this article?: A common testing method for cancer EPR method and results are described in the article.

Medicare and most private insurers cover the $3,900 cost
Reference: (5)
Database: Web of Science
Search string: cost of breast cancer testing
Why this article?: Talks about the costs of cancer testing and high costs. Also talk about whether the tests are necessary.

April in the Journal of Clinical Oncology
Reference: (6)
Database: Web of Science and Journal of Clinical Oncology
Search string: Utility of Serum HER2 Extracellular Domain Assessment in Clinical Decision Making: Pooled Analysis of Four Trials of Trastuzumab in Metastatic Breast Cancer
Why this article?: Talks about suitability of a particular drug against Cancer.

May in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute
Reference: (7)
Database: Journal of National Cancer Institute and Web of Science
Search string: Archive of the journal
Why this article?: Talks about the over diagnosis of Cancer in women and its effects.

setbacks. Gefitinib (Iressa)
Reference: Nature Reviews Cancer
Database: Google
Search string: Gefitinib
Why this article?: The article talks about Gefitinib research at AstraZeneca, Iressa.

recent study from the University of California, San Francisco, found HER tests are inaccurate 20 percent of the time.; poor-quality laboratory work, noted an article in Nature Biotechnology earlier this year.
Reference: (8)
Database: Nature Biotechnology
Search string: Archive of the journal