Escape Fire Essay

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Week 1 Strategic Management Escape Fire

The movie Escape Fire clearly states the facts that currently affect the healthcare system in the U.S. and proposes solutions that are at our reach as individuals, as a community and as a country. We are a country that sets the tone for almost everything that is popular in the world and something as necessary to our livelihood as healthcare is, we certainly are not on top of how to set that tone in that aspect that should be as popular as the air we breathe. We have the ability to change the game as it is suggested in the movie, and persuade the behavior changes necessary for all Americans to make in order to control the management of diseases culture that we are currently in and turn it into a
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Well, most everything does have a price and we are willing to pay if it meets our needs, which in turn creates wealth.

Both speakers debate these facts and they do find some common ground in that if we find a way to use business to do overall good for everyone, it is a win-win situation. Tackle all problems and not only the ones that will make a profit. Cure diseases and leave the money making drugs as second choices. These are the approaches that need to be changed and perhaps not the model that we use.

Value Based Healthcare Delivery
Michael Porter

Michael Porter presents an insight on value based healthcare delivery and he argues that the problem of healthcare has much to do with access, delivery of good healthcare, good patient outcomes and mainly a value system that is the fundamental goal of a good healthcare delivery system. In order to create this system based on value, we have to understand how well the patient does or outcomes that are measurable for that patient.

We have to understand how the market has been created without these outcomes and adjust for it. Cost is another aspect to have into consideration in creating the system. All cost needs to be considered in the cycle and by understanding the high-cost services, we can limit the cost and turn it into savings. The total cost