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What type of leader am I? This is a question a lot of airmen ask themselves and when I ask myself this question, I think to myself and say that I am a transactional leader. I tend to keep subordinates in line with the rules and regulations and expect them to meet the performance standards I set for them and to act accordingly with their on and off duty time. I also play the safe side when it comes to be being a leader. I won’t expect my airmen to go above and beyond if they can’t handle the pressure, but I will make sure they at least meet the standards and help them out if they do happen to fail.
With that being said, there is always room to improve my leadership qualities. I’ve had supervisors in my past that have shown certain qualities or have done something as a leader that I’ve seen and would like to emulate when I had the opportunity as a leader to show my airmen. I want to be that supervisor that my subordinates look at and not just see another sergeant that does the minimum when it comes to their development. I want to shape and mold their future and set them up for success at every opportunity that might come their way. They need to be able to come to me with whatever issue that they may have and not doubt that I will just brush them off.
I know I have the qualities to be that amazing supervisor that many airmen would like to have. I am very goal oriented, compassionate, and intelligent. Being goal oriented can help me show that having set goals to strive for is