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Educational Inspiration

My father inspired me to be a successful student
1. Being an Example
a) He was the first of go to University and got a degree
He paid his studies drawing portraits of student in the university corridor
b) He has financial Freedom
He expends his time on things that he really wants like travel or study another language.

2. Telling me about life lessons
a) He gives me lessons about other people He tells me stories about successful people, and how can finish their studies on awful circumstances.
Tells me about Millionaires’ life and how they earn their fortune.
b) Giving me the difference about money and knowledge
The knowledge gives me the opportunity to make money.
Money never is more important than knowledge.

3. He helps me to project myself
a) Asking me “How do you see in 1 year, 5 year and 10 year”
Telling me the importance to know clearly what that I want, in order to finish my studies
b) Think very well my goal and finish
He always said “If you want to star something you have to finish”
Exp. When a kid wants to color a pumpkin brown and on the middle of the picture he decided to change the color, it is going to see awful, or even more he quit the proyect. He has to learn that it is better to finish the picture and at the end he will feel proud of his work and now he can start to color another pumpkin if he wants.

Nancy Ramos de Bonilla
Dr. Yongwin Zhu
Novembre 06, 2014

Educational Inspiration Essay (1)

Everybody has a dream, everybody wants to be successful and to have a wonderful job and close the year with many zeros in their income. Someone thinks that there exists something to make the difference between one income to another, and that is going to University o go to college and got a degree. However, surveys show that a high percentage of students not finish their studies. However, what motivates a student to finish their career? In my case it is my father. He inspired me to be a successful student in three different ways: being an example, helping me to project myself and giving me life lesson of another person.

First, My Father is an example of how broke barriers and how far he has came. Medel was the first child of five who lived in poor rural city of El Salvador. Because he wanted keep study he left her mother and moved to the big city “San Salvador” and he enrolled to The National University of El Salvador where he was drawing portraits of student in the university corridor in order to pay the fees and something to live. Five years later, he becoming at the first professional of his family, he got his degree of Mechanical Engineer with honors and he was working at the university as a teacher. Before a prestigious company employed him as a regional manager, He kept study and got two master degrees. Because of his knowledge his paycheck was increased more and more. A few years later he bought his first house. He never spent his money on unnecessary stuffs. However, he always invests in education of himself or his daughters. My father focused on his finances and where he can invest in order to one day he will not have to work and maintain the same lifestyle and enjoy his free time. Because he started to learn about investments, he has financial freedom. Now Medel is 59 years old and because he never stopped to learn, he retired when he was 40. At the moment he is owner of many properties in El Salvador, California and now in Maryland, he spent his time doing that really wants coaching young investor, doing exercises and travel to visit his three beautiful daughters and grandchildren.

Second, my father helps me to project myself. I remember when I was at last year of high school he came to me and told “What do you want to study?” as average teenager I answered “I don’t know” he expected my answer and he continued “Can you give me a favor? Can you write in a piece of paper the answer of 3 simple questions and the date? I will give you two weeks max”. That simple questions