Vegetarianism Research Paper

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Health Benefits or Problems of Becoming a Vegetarian
“One morning over breakfast, Holly Paige looked at her daughter and realized things were not right. Lizzie should have been flourishing. Instead, her cheeks were pinched, she was small for her age, and although she had skinny arms and legs, her belly was big and swollen. When Lizzie smiled, Paige suddenly noticed her upper front teeth were pitted with holes. Paige recalls being absolutely horrified. Paige was feeding Lizzie what she thought was the most nutritious diet possible” (Mann).
Two different groups of dietitians and nutritionists debate on vegetarianism, one group debates on vegetarianism being a healthful benefit and the many diseases it can treat to become a vegetarian, while other group expresses that it can become a health problem that can cause diseases. In the past, many look at vegetarianism as odd but appropriately planned vegetarian diets are now recognized by many, including the American Dietetic Association. Paige as many parents debate on being strictly vegetarians and try to make sure they are providing their children with the best possible diet. Some nutritionists have written about how health can be improved by becoming a vegetarian stating the many health benefits. They suggest that vegetarianism can provide healthful benefits in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. Choosing a non-vegetarian lifestyle has a significant health and medical cost. This group of nutritionists affirms that a child can be raised vegetarian with the proper diet without causing any damage or diseases, otherwise a benefit to a healthier life disease free. However, other groups of dietitians disagree affirming that keeping a strict vegetarian diet is not healthy and beneficial. That it may cause long term diseases. In addition, they express how unsafe it is for children and how many health complications might bring on their growing years by not including any animal products. Dieticians state that everyone requires nutrients that only animal products have in order to avoid diseases, deficiencies in their bodies, and delay growth in toddlers among some of the outcomes. While some nutritionists express that being a vegetarian might bring benefits to your health and helps avoid diseases, other dieticians oppose stating that it might not be beneficial to everyone’s health causing more long term diseases.
A group of nutritionists suggest that vegetarianism can bring a big beneficial improvement to anyone’s health. The American Dietetic Association recognized that vegetarianism can provide a healthy life style. Some nutritionists also say that by picking primarily plant based diets rich in a selection of vegetables and fruits, legumes and slightly processed starchy staple foods will make you avoid health problems and avoid many health chronic diseases. They also say that children can be brought being vegetarians with the appropriate diet and not including any animal products. They also affirm there are many benefits to be raised vegetarian and that vegetarian diets provide the same amounts of nutrients. They show that different kinds of beans, tofu or soy bean curd, nuts, vegetables, berries and grains can provide every nutrient that the animal products might offer. Keeping a vegetarian diet provides the same benefits as a non-vegetarian; moreover, health solutions to any one life style. Some nutritionists’ advocates of vegetarianism propose that a vegetarian diet might bring beneficial healthy improvements.
Several groups of dietitians disagree on vegetarianism, affirming that keeping a strict vegetarian diet might be unhealthy. They express how unhealthy it is for children and how many health complications might bring on their growing years by not including any animal products. “It can be hard enough bringing a child up to eat healthy, but with a vegan diet you are really making a difficult job yourself” (Mann) Many vegetarians like Page do not