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Rios, Kevin
Ms. Fonseca
English 2
“Story of an hour”
The “Story of an Hour”, written by Kate Chopin, revolves around Ms. Mallard who is cursed with a weak heart. It mainly focuses on her “happiness” of being with her husband. The central conflict of the story is that, Ms. Mallard is not happy with her husband and has always felt locked up and of how amazing it would be had her husband actually died and as for a resolution, I don’t believe it would be possible without him dying. Another factor would have to be the era she lives in that would have to do with why she feels so trapped. The time at which the story takes place, is a time where women had no rights. They had no say, no money, no anything unless given permission/to them by their husband. Aside from that, a women wasn’t allowed to go out unless accompanied by a man of some sort, be-ith a brother, father, or a husband. During this time, the husband or head of the household had to know of everything she wanted to do, even if all she wanted to do was go buy some groceries. They, the women, were only given an allowance every month, and if she wanted more, she would most likely be questioned as to why she would have wanted it, or what she was trying to buy. During the whole ordeal of her husband having supposedly “died”, the tile comes into play and explains why there is so much conflict within this story. The conflict is that she always felt trapped while in the relationship with her husband and shes clearly always been waiting to be free. “When she abandoned herself a little whispered word escaped her slightly parted lips. She said