Essay About Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction is a serious problem of present world these days. The addicts follow variety of unique ways for addiction e.g. smoking, body cuts, sniffing, drinking and injecting. Drug addiction is risky no doubt but taking drugs through injections is more dangerous because it can cause harmful life threatening diseases. Addicts unconsciously involve themselves in serious threat to their lives when they use needles for taking drugs. There use of needles and syringes become the causes of germs and diseases e.g. Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS (Guilbert, Baudier & Gautier, 2000).
Peer pressure is often considered as basic motive in drug use. Blood relations, attitude and behaviors of peers and other family members are significant for the youngsters, and are a source of protection against drug abuse. It is said that peer pressure of unnecessary drinking and drug use in college can be categorize in three factors, being presented with drugs, modeling and societal norms. Presenting drugs can be both, a lovely gesture or the other extreme which is convincingly. Then comes the modeling where individuals imitate and follow their friends and finally people have the societal norms where drinking is fun and everyone does it so after admitting in college almost everyone begin to increase their intake, especially those who
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Few studies have examined the link between media exposure and drug addiction. Marijuana is generally an illegal drug used among youth in the United States. At present it is not recognized that to what extreme media content is linked with marijuana use. More studies in this field are needed to conclude the exact level of relationship between drug addiction and media exposure (Heyman et al.,