Tobacco Smoking and Person Essays

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This research essay will be about alcohol/tobacco and why they’re dangerous. These drugs can be dangerous by causing damage to health and slowly cause death to a person. They can also force the person to lose energy when under the influence and also doing a sport. These drugs can cause heart and liver damage and other difficulties in the body little by little. If these drugs are used every day they can cause serious damage to the body and damage to the brain by killing brain cells. Finally, if a person uses these drugs daily, they can get an addiction.
One of the drugs we’re talking about is tobacco which can put people in high risk of getting a heart or lung disease. When a person gets a disease from smoking, they can get breathing, kidneys, and rib problems. “Smoking increases the risk of having heart attacks and a painful death.” (Harms, Roger) Most of these problems can be avoided if there is a restriction to purchase tobacco for everyone. The restriction can keep people healthy and off any disease that comes from drugs and addictions. When this restriction occurs it can be useful to help people stop smoking once and for all and gives doctors time to find cures for diseases that tobacco produces. In addition, a restriction for tobacco purchasing should occur to keep people healthy and there can be fewer deaths due to tobacco use.
“80 to 95 percent of alcoholics smoke cigarettes”, which is very serious and can cause the person to have many diseases. (T, Buddy). If both of these drugs are used, “it can affect brain cells and causes eye damage which can lead to the cause of blindness.”(Harms, Roger) The tobacco’s smell can cause harm to others, because it contains about 4000 chemicals and can lead to, “asthma, ear infections, or scolds.”(Harms, Roger) This can also have a solution if the people stay away from the person smoking or that same person stops and gets help in a rehabilitation center. Another solution that will be useful is the restricting purchases can at least prevent children and teens from smoking and staying healthy. Finally, setting restrictions can save teenagers from catching diseases and can keep many people from dying from smoking cigarettes.
The second dangerous drug is called alcohol, “which can cause a threatening coma or death when drinking in excessive.”(Harms, Roger) Teenagers are mostly risking their lives and driving while they’re under the influence of alcohol and are capable of, “committing violent crimes.” (Harms, Roger) When there is a heavy drinker, that person is in danger of getting many diseases like a liver inflammation, digestive problems, and heart problems. Most of these diseases can affect the body in