Essay About Reputation In The Crucible

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Reputation i how other people see and act around something or someone. Reputation is a major part in the actions taken by characters in the crucible. Some characters even believe reputation is worth more than life. Proctor, Abigail, and Dansforth were massively affected by their reputation. Miller wants to show three ways how these characters will handle their reputation when it’s on the line. First being it’s above everything even life, Second which is running away from the failure of their reputation, and Third being putting other lives at risk to ensure their reputation is upheld.

Proctor, a main character in the crucible highly values his reputation and is known as being a tough and wise man in the community. When Proctor is being
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Miller wants to show us a character who instead of having their reputation ruined they will run from the problem.”Proctor: Abigail is a whore! Abigail: Mr. Dansforth, he is lying!”(pg.1339). Abigail is trying to defend her reputation from being classified as a whore and goes to Dansforth to say what Proctor said is false. When Abigail can’t cover her mistakes anymore she decides to run away rather than facing her reputation being ruined. “Paris informs the investigators that Abigail has taken money from his safe and left town.”(pg.1343).

Arthur portrayed as a power hungry judge in Salem. Dansforth believes if anyone is guilty he will find out and that’s what he wants others to think also. Dansforth lies to himself by thinking if someone “confesses” to being a witch or practicing witchcraft, even if it is a lie, they should be punished by serving time in jail, or even death. “Mr.Proctor, I must have good and legal proof that you-”(pg.1356). This quote talks about how Dansforth goes about his business detaining and sentencing the arrested/convicted people. This show that Dansforth risks others lives to ensure his reputation is