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Assessment Item 2: Statement of essay preparation
What differentiated higher quality example essays from lower quality example essays?
There are many different aspects that differentiate higher quality example research, articles and essays from lower quality example.
I read several higher quality example research, articles and essays in my researching my assignment. The High Distinction which are of this standard provided an argument with excellent presentation and higher than average structure.
Articles like Distinction would represent the lesser but still high quality example research, articles and essays which were very similar than the aforementioned higher ones, and had the same impact, but it did not where did they fall short.
However, both the High Distinction and the Distinction essay presented the reader with all relevant insight information. In all of the High Distinction and Distinctions examples research, articles and essays, the topic off was directly addressed. The appropriate formatting, accurate paragraph structure and concluding sentences were applied. In all essays they perused a structure and the addressed the subject matter.
The essays introduced relevant research and addressed the subject matter topic meticulously. The essays summarized the topics which will be covered and noted relevant journals that will be drawn on, which made me conscious and prepared for the rest of the essay. The High Distinction and the Distinction authors both showed a that of the essays succuss and high quality was achieved by using quality by using suitable and apt foundations and resources which were utilised and supported by references and evidence, own expression of thought & ???, justification and examples to validation the research was also provided and presented properly. A catalogue of references was accurately documented according to the APA referencing. On the other hand, the lower quality example research, articles and essays provided exceptional information for the reader at the conclusion which incorporated information of the individual authors. In summary, the high quality material established a great understanding of the pertinent topic, both presented clear and readable written articulation and arrangement, including correct spelling, grammar, the proper use of sentences and paragraphs, and academic method.
In some of the example research, articles and essays provided, there was an extraordinary difference and Credit and Pass examples, such as the _____________ although these provided adequate presentation with structure with sufficient argument. They did not address the question in as much detail, most articles where professionally written but they some assumed the reader would already have knowledge of the topic and what would be covered. These articles did not indicate what relevant research was reference or give adequate example of the summary of the issue. There needed to be more explanations for each point in the work, although the work included some relevant arguments supported with references and evidence did not seem to be as high quality.
References were not correctly presented and the conclusions were ineffectively summarized. Commonly the lack of reference to applicable theory and inadequate