Lay Out An Essay For Health Studies

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How to lay out an essay for Health Studies


“Good Students Read Every Chapter”.

Grammar - is your grammar correct and accurate?
Structure - is your essay well organised?
Relevance - have you answered the question asked of you?
Examples - have you included illustrations to reinforce your points?
Cohesion - have you used linking words and phrases (discourse markers)? University of Warwick Linguistics Dept. 2013

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How to lay out an essay for Health Studies

Essay title: Please use the full essay title as it appears on the project brief; not a shortened version of any kind.
One of the challenges of writing a good introduction is to be brief and to stay focused. A rambling or unfocussed introduction, or one that is overly long, will get the essay off to the wrong sort of start and it will not create a good impression. The introduction should create interest for the reader and make them want to learn more about the subject. Having a detailed essay plan will help to write the introduction as all of the parts will have been put into order during the planning process.
An introduction is where the reader is informed about what the essay will examine.
Usually this will include an overview of the issues involved. You will need to make sure that you identify all of the questions that will be asked in relation to the topic.
Then you need to decide in what order they are going to appear (This is made easier by doing a detailed plan). Each point should refer back to the essay title in some way ensuring that it is relating to the topic. If citations or references are used please make sure that they are referenced properly. There is nothing more likely to lose quality marks if work is presented in a sloppy fashion.
Begin by outlining the main theme of the essay i.e. the health issue being studied.
Then address the two countries in general terms; again clearly linking each of them back to the essay’s subject. The next step is to show the reader where the argument will develop. Is the main focus similarities? Or, is the essay going to concentrate on differences; or will the essay look at both in equal measure. All of this will depend on

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How to lay out an essay for Health Studies the health issue and the 2 countries that you have chosen to study. As well as the research that you’ve done.

Example essay introduction

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How to lay out an essay for Health Studies
Essay Body:
This is the largest part of the essay and needs to be organised carefully and consistently. The way that the essay is tackled will depend firstly on the way the essay has been outlined in the Introduction. It’s a surprisingly common mistake for candidates to write an introduction and then not follow the structure that was indicated in that section! However, as long as the essay sticks to the title and then follows the order in which the themes were laid out in the introduction; the main body of the assignment should to ensure that at least two things are completed:
a) Demonstrate/show your knowledge of the topic, by including relevant evidence
(see below);
b) Analyse/evaluate the evidence you have gathered.
The material you use will usually be grouped into broad categories (assignment sections). That is to say, it is “strategically organised”. Sometimes the broad categories are indicated by sub titles (see inequalities in Health notes on coronary heart disease). However, in some disciplines this is not always desirable or recommended. This is why the assignments that are done for Psychology, Biology and English are different. I.e. don’t use this guide to write assignments for other tutors. Always check with other departments to see exactly what the requirements are, and if possible, have a look at some health based journals to get a sense of how things are laid out to get a feel for what is required (time spent