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I am planning a career in Human Resources. The Career Interests Profiler and the Career Plan Building Activity-Competencies are a great tool for me to compare my strengths and abilities in comparison to the job requirements. I already had a good idea of what type of work I am drawn to and where my strengths in the work place setting lie, this activity reinforced my career choice. The critical thinking skills required in the Human Resources field is in very high demand at this time. The value of critical thinking in this profession has been undervalued until recently. Knowing what my skills are and what skills the job requires allow me to assess how well I will fit into this profession.
Critical Thinking Skills Use in Human Resources
The results of my career activities were quite similar to what the new requirements are in the Human Resources profession. “The top skills rated as more important today compared with two years ago for new entrants to the workforce were adaptability (47%) critical thinking (41%) and work ethic (31%)”. (Management, 2008) My personal results were high in organization, following instructions and work ethics. The sources skills don’t sound very similar to the Career Path results when comparing based on differences in categorizing and wording I feel confident that my skills will enable me to become a very successful part of the Human Resources workforce.
The Importance of Critical Thinking
The Department of Labor in the past few years