Essay On A Ride Through The Desert

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Tom Hansen
Ms. Jones
RDG 091-035 A Ride Through The Desert What would be your thought about picking up a hitch hiker in the middle of the desert with no one else around? What would be the thought going through your head if you were in their position? Many things can go on if you pass up a hitch hiker or pick them up. Also the same event takes place in a reading called the “White Sands “, by Geoff Dryer. In this story the couple who had picked the hitch hiker up made a poor decision on their way through the desert, and because of this they experienced many various emotions. On their way through the desert the couple was trying to make the right choice to pick up this hitch hiker. When the man had gotten into the car they didn’t know his background, or what the man was like. In an gamble the couple had taken they didn’t know what to expect. There were many dangers to this, and they didn’t know the outcome of what could had happened next. When you are on the road you don’t want to pick up strangers and give yourself problems, you should just let yourself be on the ride to wherever you’re going. While being in the car with this man, the couple had come across many ironic situations that make them worry about this man more and more. This song had come on the radio that is written by Jim Morrison, and he sings about a hitch hiker being a murderer. Also, coming from simple knowledge, the couple knows since this man is a different ethnicity, he could had done many crimes in his life and possibly been a murderer. Also from what they had seen and read when they first arrived in the desert a sign saying this, “NOTICE, DO NOT PICK UP HITCH-HIKERS, DETENTION FACILITIES IN AREA”. By thinking this way they put more stress on themselves, the couple kept thinking this man was going to kill them both. When you think more and more about bad things happening, many doors open to new problems but you don’t want to stress yourself more too where it could lead to something bad.
On the way down the road the couple saw a gas station where they needed to full up their car and finally try and ditch this hitch hiker. When they start pumping the gas they had seen the man get out of the car, and they had no idea what his move was going to be. The man started walking to the bathroom and the couple both thought this man was going to make the move on them, but with him keep walking and not looking bad it was their chance. The couple had made a