Essay On Becoming A Veterinarian

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Motivation, dedication, and compassion are three qualities essential to becoming a veterinarian. A good vet has something that once motivated them, that pushed them through the hours of volunteering, the GRE, and many midnight study sessions. Without dedication to their studies none of our veterinarians would be where they are today. More importantly, a vet must be dedicated to the patients and owners. To be a successful veterinarian you must show that you truly care not only for the animal you are working with, but also their owner. Whether you work private practice, in research, or as a public health scientist your compassion to the animal is a necessity. Becoming a veterinarian is no simple task; it takes motivation, dedication, and compassion, but there are endless possibilities for those who chose to put their time and energy into making the dream a reality.
Growing up in a small town I always had the support of a great community. My community is my motivation to become a veterinarian. They have showed me what it means to be there for someone whether it be a routine day or in an emergency and how far a kind word can go. I have learned the importance of making a positive impact on a life. I am of course motivated by the animals’ lives I could be improving, but a large
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I am dedicated. I am compassionate. These are just three of the reasons I believe I am prepared to become a vet. I have always pushed myself to do and be the best I could possibly be and never give up. It is my goal to incorporate each of these qualities into my career. Upon graduation from vet school I hope to return to Maine and enter into a mixed animal private practice. By doing so I will be able to service many insufficient service areas, while pursuing my recently found love of large animal practice. I am just a small town girl pursuing a lifelong dream no one thought would come true, but I have not and will not shy away, because one day I will be Dr. Samantha Begin,