Essay On Bullying In Schools

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" The Level of Awareness of the students of De La Salle Lipa on the Increasing Rate of Bullying in school."
Teenagers in our modern world have his/her mental thinking about one's imperfections. Their mental capabilities in accepting the difference of one another rely on their environment, community and the way they are raised by their parents. They tend to discriminate and torment a person by its difference they act this way because this is what they are witnessing in the society. This is common defines as bullying. The common cause of suicide among teenagers is bullying. In campuses, there is an increasing rate of bullies. Bullying has been a part of socializing among students. It is a way in our circle of friends to bond
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The teenagers like the feeling of gaining power over someone bullying gives them the confidence to intimidate others as they think that they are more powerful than them. This power makes you stand out of the crowd as it gains attention. This power seeks more victim for it to strengthen.(CastleWorks, 2015) According to the study conducted by T. Field (2006), Bullying in the workplace helps the bully to gain promotion and attention to their supervisors. It can help the bully to undercover someone work and affects one's performance to bullying. The higher the position in the company the higher the chance that bullying is present. As the higher positions doesn't have fair attention to the person under them. The owner of the company may unknowingly know what is happening inside the company. Bullying in the workplace can be a long term problem that applicants may face in the future years.
According to Pacer (2016), The key in surviving bullying is by not letting it get into you. If you let yourself be carried away by bullying it can lead to depressions that can lead to suicide. The comes a time that you should step up for yourself, a person who is being bullied should have the guts to stand up for themselves for them not to fight back but