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Education, in terms, is the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction or training in a particular field or subject. People may argue that school does not prepare people for the real world by saying that schooling only teaches memorization, which in the long run does not help, therefor schooling should prepare people for life by teaching them the skills to prepare, prioritize, and apply.
A lot of teaching methods today require students to memorize the information and “regurgitate” it back through a test. That might necessarily work, but there are issues. They may memorize the information but will never learn how to apply it into their real life problems. An AP biology teacher in Venice High School (Based in Los Angeles) told his students not to read the textbook and memorize it but to understand the context and apply it to everyday life. A great example of memorization without application is through vocabulary. People may memorize the words for the test, but will they be able to use the words in a regular conversation? Some people may be able to do it, but most students will not. Many schools are diverging into the teaching process that requires students to think, not memorize.
Schooling should prepare people for like by teaching them the necessary skills to prepare, prioritize and apply what they learn. Some classes require students to learn those three important skills. Prioritization teaches people to do the important things in life first and to hold off the less important. It teaches students not to procrastinate. Preparation is important when working on big projects. Without preparation the project would not be as successful. Ask yourself this question, would a project such as a movie be successful without preparation? Would teaching students actually work without preparation? Questions like that should be asked when considering whether or not schooling actually prepares people for everyday life.

Memorizing and thinking with application would help