Essay On Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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When someone uses the resources that they are granted to achieve education and face every obstacle in life, there is usually a celebration. However, when that accomplishment becomes a barrier between you and your origin, it becomes a problem. In the short story Everyday Use, Alice Walker expressed the achievement of education in a different way. Walker uses her a word in a such a way that when reading you can see the clear grassless yard and even feel the beaming hot sun. She also uses a few different characters to show the importance of love, family, and even tradition. With attention drawn to the character of Dee, who is the daughter of mama, enters the story with the description of someone who is perfect in their own definition. Someone with a nature of higher class is the sketch of Dee. There was disagreeance with Dee because of her attitude. When she finally arrived in the yard, she told her mother that she changed her birth given name because she did not want to be named by previous owners of …show more content…
However, I don’t agree with her mindset towards her mother and sister. I do believe that there are certain sacrifices you have to make which comes with success yet, it does not mean change your love for your family. Yes, there are self-invested people out there who didn’t need the help of their families, though your average college student needs an extra boost with help. According to A prospective story of Mexican American adolescent’s academic success, regardless of your gender, age, and race students with residential stability, family role models, and family structure are seen to be more successful than those without (p.308). All in all, family support is beneficial to achievement in life, and with success does not come the elimination of your