Essay On Impact Of Social Media On Academic Performance

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As far as we know, internet already being as important as food resources for human. This is because, internet able to help human around the world to connected with each other and finding information easily. One of the used of internet today is for social networking. The topic that has been discuss is about “impact of social networking sites on students’ academic performance’’. The definition of social networking site is an online platform that can build social network with other people who share the same interest or activities. The example of the most popular social networking site that has been used is Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
First point that has been discuss is about the tool of knowledge that have been provided by social networking site which also known as Electronic learning
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Social networking site can give the bad impact toward students which is it would decrease face-to-face communication and interactive skill. This is because, students often use social networking sites to make social connections with others through online more than meet them personally. Other problem may rise is when some student was addicted to online relationships may even create fake personalities of themselves. This is behavior is not good for student because it will make them to low self-esteem and may disturb their academic studies and performance due to lack of confident about themselves. Other bad impact is, social networking site such may leads students to spend less time with their friends and family because too busy texting, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, the advantage of virtual friend on social network also need to be consider. For example, students can use the social network sites known as LinkedIn which is the platform where students can upload their resume, connect with their colleagues or classmates and build a network that help students searching for their career in the