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Jane Eyre Analysis In Jane Eyre, there is a secret that is very important to the plot later in the book. After
Jane grows up, she moves to a new house called Thornfield Hall. This is where she meets a man named Mr. Rochester. Mr. Rochester run's Thornfield hall and operates it from many different locations, as his business requires him to travel. After he visits a few times, Jane eventually falls in love with Mr. Rochester. All seems well as Jane has finally found love in the rich, eccentric man who is Mr. Rochester.
As they are about to be married, a man named Mr. Mason declares that Mr. Rochester cannot marry, as he is already married, Mr. Rochester admits to this and the marriage is called off. Jane, who is stunned, wonders how she was led on unawares that Mr. Rochester was already married. The importance of Rochester's secret is arguably the success of the entire novel. If
Rochester had kept his secret fully, he would have been able to marry Jane right then, and the story would have ended. However, since the story is revealed, it leads to another chapter into the book's story. Mr. Rochester is found to have married a woman several years before who has become mentally insane and unstable. While he provides for her and makes sure she is safe and kept well, (which is Grace Poole's job, a mysterious worker at Thornfield Hall) he wishes to find another love, which he immediately realizes is Jane.

The secret, however, is best revealed during the wedding because it adds much needed drama to what would have been a fairy tale ending. The secret revealed means that if Jane gets the fairytale ending, Mr. Rochester's wife has to die. With this haunting twist, Brontë ensnares readers on a dramatic twist that promises an interesting