Essay On Macbeth's Downfall

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Everyone is told as kids to not believe in everything that they hear and that not everyone can be trusted. This is most likely due to the fact that kids have less knowledge and do not yet understand the cruelty of the world, but as adults we gain this knowledge through experience and are expected from society to know basic things such as that our actions have consequences and that you are solely responsible for your decisions. That being said it can only be concluded that the character, Macbeth, and his downfall from the play, “Macbeth” written by Shakespeare is solely his fault due to how naive he is. This is because with little evidence provided Macbeth is quick to believe in the Witches, with a small persuasion from his wife Macbeth decides …show more content…
The witches for example were very vague and did not tell Macbeth to do anything, even if they did it would be Macbeth’s decision to follow or ignore them. Anyone can come up to you and tell you to murder someone but unless they threaten you it’s your own decision to follow through what they say. If he really wanted to he could have walked away and not believed in a word they said. Same with Lady Macbeth, while she did try to “convince” Macbeth, it was his decision to agree or not and she could not have changed that unless she had a gun up to his head or forced him, which she didn’t. Finally fate is not the outcome of Macbeth’s decisions because it was caused by them and did not determine them. If I run around with ice cream in my hand and the ice cream falls it’s not fate’s fault, the fate of my ice cream falling was caused by my decision to run around with it and if I didn’t, then it wouldn’t have fell. Macbeth’s fate was directly linked to his actions as he did them by himself . If I murder someone and go to jail that was my fate but me going to jail wasn’t because of fate it was because I killed