Essay On Mass Incarceration

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Mass Incarceration
Mass Incarceration is a growing problem within the United States and leads. America is responsible for 25 percent of the world's prisoners, even though America is responsible for 5 percent of the world’s population. This makes America the country that possesses the largest prison population in the World. Many factors that contribute to the problem of Mass Incarceration. Drug offenses along with mandatory minimum sentencing contribute greatly to the overcrowding of prisons. Racial inequality is also debated as being a factor that contributed to mass incarceration. The lives of prisoners are very negatively affected by the problems of Mass Incarceration and prison overcrowding, Mass incarceration is an awful trait of America and has the ability to ruin thousands of lives, therefore reform is needed to fix the problem mass incarceration causes.
One of the biggest contributors to the problem of mass incarceration are drug offenses and mandatory minimum sentencing laws. There are more people incarcerated for drug
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Many people are unable to support themselves after release due to their crime history. Although many people deserve to be in prison and serve long sentences, many are also undeserving, People are incarcerated over minor crimes such as minor drug offenses and due to mandatory minimums are sentenced unfairly. Racial discrimination is also present as a factor in mass incarceration as there are many racial disparities in who is incarcerated. Thee evidence presented on how the judicial system handles convicts is enough to show what is the reason for mass incarceration. The issue of mass incarceration and prison overcrowding is a major problem and is one that must be resolved, as it allows for many convicted citizens to be treated unfairly. Criminals are people too and are often convicted of very minor crimes; they must treated with fairness when it comes to being