Essay On Ocean Pollution

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“Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about the things that matter.” -Martin Luther King Jr. People are so blind to the point where it could destroy our earth. When people dump trash into the water they think it only affects the ocean but they are wrong. Everybody is affected by it and many people are too sightless to realize what is happening. Thousands of mammals are dying because of people’s thoughtless actions. 100 million mammals die each year due to ocean pollution and our society is helping alot with that. This paper will clarify the history of ocean pollution, the effects it has on our world, and what is being done to solve this enormous situation and our parts in helping with that. In the past, communities around …show more content…
They haven’t even covered the surface of the patch, and they still have all the rubbish that sinks to the bottom left to study.
Here are some ways to reduce ocean pollution. Start using reusable bags, avoid frozen food products that have plastic as there packaging, dispose of trash properly, etc. “Green Education Foundation” states that “30 million tons of plastic waste was being generated in the U.S in 2009 , only 7 percent of trash was recovered for recycling.”
“ Post Carbon Institute” November 7, 2016

“Intentional littering is only part of the problem, for example, waste can become litter from overfull bins, lightweight plastics can easily blow away during transport and processing.” This means that not all littering is intentional, lightweight plastics are another problem because they can travel faster and farther than other rubbish that tries to find their way into the ocean. Having litter control programs such as sweeping the street and finding devices that could harm wildlife are important because it could harm wildlife. As individuals we cannot only make personal behavior change but we can become apart of the bigger picture by coming together and participating in these