Essay On Should Student Athletes Be Paid

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for the campus environment and strong academics. Solomon also mentions the Michigan State athletic director, Mark Hollis, disagrees with paying student-athletes. He also states Mark Hollis believes that if Michigan State had to pay revenue for athletes, then Michigan State “would have to recruit only elite student-athletes while cutting opportunities for student-athletes in other sports.” Every single year, no matter the sport, the same top-notch programs compete for a championship. Paying student-athletes would result in extreme levels of unfair competition, thus, the same big name schools would always win. There would be no more Cinderella teams and it would be Roll Tide every year. Even though student-athletes should not be paid, many people support the idea that student-athletes should be allowed to use their name for profit. This idea could be a fair solution to both sides of the debate on whether student-athletes …show more content…
Sports bring family and friends together. The dividing line between professional and all other levels of sports is amateurism. As a person climbs their own pyramid of athletics, the base being kid’s sports and the top being the professional level, the love of the sport versus playing for money is evident. As you climb the pyramid, playing for one’s love of the sport turns into wanting to play for money. College athletics is the last step on that pyramid before athletes start wanting to play for money. Playing for school pride and for the love of the game is what makes college sports special. The argument on whether student-athletes should be paid or not has intensified over the years. Some people believe student-athletes should get paid. However, turning student-athletes into professionals will destroy what makes college athletics special. Other problems such as inequality, lack of funding and unfair competition will occur. As a result, paying student-athletes will be