Student Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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Student athletes are being cheated out of money which they deserve. Student athletes help their colleges earn millions of dollars each and every year and the students receive little in return. A college scholarship might seem extremely valuable to a lot of people but they don’t realize what classes the student athlete is being influenced to take. Student athlete is a word made up by the NCAA in the 1950’s which they used in court when people threaten to start paying certain students in athletics. The NCAA still uses this word today when ever the issue of paying student athletes is brought up. In college athletics there is also another word the NCAA likes to use against paying student athletes and that word is amateurism. The NCAA states: …show more content…
But why is it bad if an athlete uses his own name to receive compensation from his fans? Some people say that it ruins the competitiveness, or it will make the athlete more focused on his next pay check than his next game. They also say that student athletes receive enough reward by earning scholarships from the college. What the NCAA is doing is wrong. If a student athlete wants to use their fame to create a profit then he should have every right to do that. The NCAA shouldn’t be allowed to penalize an athlete because someone on the street gives the athlete $100. Colleges receive millions of dollars from their basketball and football programs each year and the student athletes are cheated out of the money in which they help the University create. Student athletes should be able to use their name to receive compensation. Student athletes should be able to receive compensation for their name by being allowed to sell autographs and signed memorabilia. Also if an athlete wants to make t-shirts with their name plastered on the front of it and sell them to the public, he should be able to do that. However, the NCAA prohibits the receiving of any type of benefit from the athletes name. If an athlete doesn't follow this rule, the athlete could be suspended, have wins vacated and even lose their scholarship all just from using their own name to make money from someone who is willingly giving the athlete