Essay On Student Debt

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Avoiding Debt in College
Driving Question: How can you avoid dealing with debt as a college student, and how has it impacted people's lives in the U.S.?
Isn't it crazy how having loans seems to feel like free money until you graduate and realize that you have to pay it all off?! Well, Student Debt in the United States is starting to become a real issue now. It takes a lot of time to pay off your debts especially for a student in college. Any student in college graduates with a lot of loans in hand. Student loan debt is pretty tough and takes long to pay off. A lot of students complain about having to pay all these loans after graduating college and that is why you have to be careful on the loans you get in college because it can be very stressful
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Loans cause graduates to drown in debt and causes them a lot of stress. That is why paying your student loans earlier or in a smaller time period is a smarter way instead of waiting until later. Saying "I will pay them later" is what causes college students to drown in debt. Instead of waiting until graduation, take advantage of your grace period. For example, if your loan payment per month is to pay $100 but you are able to pay more, then pay that 200 or 300 that you can pay. That will make it easier for you later on and you will get into that habit to start paying more every month.
All students who graduate from college have some type of loans to pay off. As Kristen Kuchar says, "The average student will graduate with a whopping $40,000 in student loans, but for those who pursued graduate or higher degrees, switched majors, or went back to school, that number can be larger." So you also have to think about the major you want to chose because changing majors can cause you to pay more money. $40,000 is a lot of money to pay and that just the average so you might have more than that amount so you wont have to keep paying off your debts