Argumentative Essay On Student Debt

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Slumping down in the dark green chair, my eyes drift off into a wonderland. My professor’s deep voice slowly, then suddenly leaves my ears. Finally, my caffeinated eyes and mind get to rest, zoning out for a good few minutes. The darkness lightens into a grassy scenery where the breeze, freshly bloomed flowers, and warm sunlight on my face makes me sway my arms side to side like a ballerina on her stage, but mainly my stress-free, genuine smile stretches from ear to ear. Suddenly, a set of white fluorescent lights end my tranquil state of mind as my head begins to throb with the painful reminder of my piling student debt. Though my parents reassure that I am not alone on this, my epiphany regarding this issue motivates me to finish my last lecture of the day. As countless students are victimized by their student loan debt, scholarships should be revised to fit their needs and a feasible job should be secured for each graduate. (and Federal Work Study should be mandatory...solution). Scholarships should be improved to be more applicable to students. In some ways, the way scholarships are given out is unfair and biased. Some students are in great financial need, but cannot submit a well written essay, pleading for money whereas others receive scholarships because their writings and financial …show more content…
By revising scholarships and securing jobs for graduates, in debt students will have an extensive opportunity to pay off their debt without having to resort to obtaining more loans, deepening their tie with loan sharks. Let us not hinder the growth of advancing engineers, doctors, artists, who are crucial to the nation’s future by shoving the weight of their student loan debt to their pre-stressed shoulders. Instead, let us explore with pragmatic solutions such as implementing mandatory Federal Work Study as a start on this