One Of The Most Significant Times In My Life

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One of the most significant times in my life was when my mother went to rehab. Mom was twenty eight years old when she started smoking crack cocaine. I didn't really know what to think when I found out that she was going to rehab and using drugs. I was young but I knew I was mad at her for doing that to herself and thought that I would never forgive her. I prayed that I would get to see my mother again but really wasn't sure if I would. She relasped several times throughout her cleansing process and went to jail, rehab and homeless shelthers more than once. Before all of this happened my parents got married at a young age and my mother had me when she was about eightteen or nineteen. My mom and dad got a devoice when I was about two years old and I would go back and forth from parent to parent but after awhile I went to go live with my nana, my dads mom when I was seven, because I went to the elemetary school where she was an assistant. I would still go and stay with my mom and great grandma but I knew something wasn't right. My mom was smoking and drinking then as well before she got into using hardcore drugs. About the time I was eleven or twelve mom whent to rehab for the first time in Black Mountain at a rehab center called ADATC for twenty eight days. She also went there a second year because she had relasped. When I went to see mom it was scary for me because I was young and didn't understand why mom or I had to go through this or why was were there. The place felt dark and looked like a old school building and people would always talk quite. We could take her clothes and sometimes food but we couldn't take anything that had alochal in it because some people would drink mouth wash just so they could get a buzz. One time that I went there was an Easter egg hunt that mom got to help with and it kept the thought of her using drugs off my mind while visting her. The thrid year of rehab she went to an out patient rehab which was a month program in Hickory. I never went to see mom there and most of the time I didn't really know where my mom was because it was hard as a mom to tell your child you are on drugs and have to get help. She had gotten so bad on smoking cocaine that she was either going to go to jail for a really long time or go to a rehab center in Ashville to a six month program. She went to Ashville when I was about thirteen and was at Western Carolina Rescuse Minitries and decide to stay a whole year. I would go see her every now and then but we didn't have that close of a relationship and I sometimes wouldn't want to go see my mother because I was really upset with her for what she had done to her life. Eight days before my mom was to graduate from the program she relapsed and went to jail for three days. Then one day after mom had been out of jail I went to see her at a shelter to talk to her because she told my nana that she wanted her to bring me to her so she could tell me something. I was really scared to hear what my mother had to say. She was pregant with a little girl and this made me mad, upset, I felt like