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Norma Denton
2306 Govt

Govt 2306 Exam essay 2

well my political beliefs started as a little girl at home. My influences were my mom and my brothers and my moms adult church friends. Looking back my mom and her friends would sit around and talk about their beliefs and if they were democratic or Republican. My brother Clifford who is older than me would talk and say he was republican and then he would tell me how republicans believe and what they stand for, he would say that republlicans are wealthy and he had a good job and income. he was in a union and most of his friends were all republic, so I got the impression that you had to have money to be a rebublican. My mom on the other hand was democratic,even though my mom hardly ever voted , but i remember when election time came they would all gather aroundand I have memories of remembering watching tv with my mom and brothers.Jimmy Carter when I was young , and we would watch the tv news about the election..I also remember Ronald Reagan and all the talks on news, my mom and other family were really great fans of Ronald my whole family was blue collar workers and after learning about what a conservative believes then I would say my family were all conservatives, as they are against divorce and have very strong religous belliefs and against gay marriage, and lespians.but however I may have gotten some of my political beliefs, as I got older and married and working myself I have different views on politics now. As I have mentioned my family is strong conservatives and some republicans and some democratic, however I have formed different beliefs about politics and religion. My family is against gay rights and marriage, I seem to disagree with some of my families beliefs, I have friends who are gay or lesbians and it has changed my belief. I am a christian with the strong religous beliefs but I believe that some people can't help that their gay, after attending college and studying psychology, I have changed the way I believe. also about politics, my family believes that it doesnt do any good to vote and some believe that the govt is corrupt, I have formed my own views of