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The Childless One

Radha shows us how hard a marriage in India can be.

The author Jai Nimbkar has written this short story in the year 1983. It is about a woman named Radha, who has married a man with the name Shripati. Shripati’s mom is a woman with a serious and strict mind, the aunt of Shripati also lives with them, but she is more kind than the mother-in-law. Radha didn’t live with her parents, because her mom is dead and her father she doesn’t see, this means that Radha did not come with dowry. There was no payment from her side. The mother-in-law did not like Radha, she was only going to show a little bit of consideration because Radha’s pregnancy. She knew, that Radha was carrying her grandchild so a little consideration, was
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Radha said that she did not envy his new wife, not even a tiny bit. She would rather work out in the fields, than take care of his mother.
Shripati then got angry and asked if that was why Radha had asked him to come and see her. Radha then got very confused and knew that the conversation she had had some years ago, had made the men send a message for Shripati.
Shripati was about to leave, when Radha then said, that she had something to show him. She called out the name Mahadya, and a small dirty boy came out.
Shripati wanted to know whom this was and Radha answered“ He is my son.” Shripati asked if she had no shame and asked whose son he was.
She answered that he definitely was not his. Radha ended the conversation between them by saying “When are you going to marry again, Shripati? How many times will you marry before you find out that you will never have any children?”
Shripati left and Radha could focus on herself and her son and live a happier life than she had ever