Ethical Actions Worksheet Essay

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I would have to say the only thing that surprised me was the Self-plagiarism. I do not believe you should not be allowed to use assignments that you have already done in the past classes. These assignments are your original words and thoughts. How is it fair you can get into trouble for using your own words? Being that you spent the time creating the assignment yourself. It should be ok for it to be re-used your other assignments with similar requirements. I not sure what the big deal would be. It does not explain the reasoning behind the justification for you get into trouble.

I believe that, as a student at the University of Phoenix, I will be expected to respect my classmates as well as the instructors and staff at the school. I also believe that you have a decision whether to take short cuts or truly embracing the learning experience. When taking the easy way out you are only hurting yourself from learning all this school was to offer. This is where your morals, honesty and your values come into play. I know honesty plays a big role in doing the right thing. In order to achieve this I will have to respect yourself above all.

I believe the Student Code of Conduct and Student Code of Academic Integrity are important because it gives you rules and guidelines you need to follow. It breaks down the rules and gives you examples of how you can get yourself into trouble. It helps guide student in the right direction. It shows a person how to respect and be