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Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues
Tarin Wales
June 27, 2013
Tad Davis

In my role at CadMex I was faced with beginning a business relationship with Gentura, which was located in Candore, this meant working with international laws regarding trading licensing, legalities, and every aspect of business but in an international aspect. I was faced with an obstacle of manufacturing issues after an outbreak in Candore, which was a breach of contract. There were protests from what I decided, which was legal actions, but the medication needed was allowed to be subsidized to other companies to manufacture. During this process, I was also faced with making sure that the decisions I made about the partnership were good for all parties involved, including the people from both countries that would be using the drugs that were made. At the end of it all, I made tough decisions that I felt were right and all but one was and the final outcome was successful. A major issue with international transactions is the other party not fulfilling their obligations as outlined in an agreement or contract. Issues with resolving these legal disputes are deciding how to take action to resolve it. Arbitration and mediation are two choices that are great alternatives to litigation, which is the case for any business transaction. Litigation could hurt further endeavors with the other party and could cause monetary loss to your own company. It could also affect future relationships with other companies in that country. The practical way to handle shortcomings with the international company would be to arbitrate or mediate the problem before deciding to pursue with a lawsuit or litigation. Some of the things that could work against CadMex’s decision to grant sublicensing agreements would be loss of profit, not as much demand for product, supply not meeting demand with multiple companies, and issues with maintaining relationships. When it comes to the legal customs differing in another country, I think that whichever company pursued the partnership should prevail if there is a conflict. If I begin a