Ethical Issues In Racial Profiling

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Racial profiling is a very prevalent issue in the world today. The results of this practice can cause a great debate on whether racial profiling is beneficial or detrimental to society. However, the greatest issue involves how racial profiling impacts minorities specifically. One must sit back and contemplate how the lives of minorities are affected in the worst ways when a practice such as racial profiling is enabled.
The topic of racial profiling is an interesting subject matter to delve into. As far as me, I became interested in this topic recently after all the news coverage and social media posts about the issue as a whole. As an African American male, I have witnessed people with my same identity fall victim to racial profiling; therefore,
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One source is titled “Ethical Issues in Racial Profiling.” The author of this article is Annabelle Lever and she received a PhD from the London School of Economics and Political Science. One may assume that her studies in political science covered analytics about ethical issues such as racism and discrimination. She is clearly against racial profiling in this article by failing to acknowledge the opposing side of the argument. The main idea of the article is that there is different ways to catch criminals besides racial profiling and also there are some horrifying results that stem from it, such as serious death or injury. For example, an innocent teen can be shot because they look as if they are up to no good. After careful analyzation of the source, some of the key values at stake in the article are security and efficiency within communities. People may look at the argument of this article and feel that the author does not want safety and proper policing within some communities which is what most racial profiling advocates …show more content…
Firstly, the research question is definitely arguable by the word choice ‘negatively affect.’ There are some individuals in the world that believes that racial profiling is a good practice that benefits minorities rather than negatively affecting their life. All of the sources that provide information regarding the research question agree on what the definition of racial profiling is and that it does exist. They also agree on the fact that racial profiling is ineffective and negatively affects minorities. After analyzing the sources carefully, I could possibly revise my research question by widening the scope and not just focusing on how racial profiling affects just minorities, but the societies and families associated with