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Ethical Manager Paper

As being a very confident person in my abilities, and myself I truly believe that I would be a very ethical manager. Not just by the way I would treat or manage my employees but in a way that would make them better individuals as well. I would treat all of my employees with equal respect no matter their race or sex. I feel as though I would demonstrate moral management perfectly. On page 118 it explains that with moral management you place a value on fair treatment of shareholders, employees, customer, and other stakeholders. It also includes that in their training they are required to go through some type of ethics program. My employees would have to go through rigorous training to prepare them for any situation that may happen on the job. I do consider myself a philanthropist; I would want my employees to take part in some type of community service event at least once a year. Aside from helping people less fortunate than our selves, my employees would be able to experience for themselves how great of a company they really are working for. Of course the primary role of the company is to maximize profits, helping other people would just be a bonus. I would consider myself altruists, page 122, I really don’t know what it is in me that seems to take others into consideration before my own self. I would like my employees to succeed just as much as myself. I feel they really are the face of the company that deals with our shareholders and customers. I would like all of my employees to have The Golden Rule in their minds at all times, we have to strive to provide excellent service to our shareholders, customers, and investors. As an employer I feel it is my responsibility to incorporate a good sense of corporate social responsibility to everyone who is involved in the company. Page 157, We will commit to serving broader goals, in addition to economic and financial interests, of those whom we serve, including the public. In regards to corporate governance practices, I would like to believe that my company would be able to compete with only the best out there. I would have to be sure that anyone I hire or promote to the board of directors has the expertise and knowledge of how the company is going operate efficiently. These up and coming leaders of the company will have to prove their reputation with high productivity, trust, and the good deeds they have shown to our stakeholders while maintaining a good example for acceptable business practices and behavior. I really believe that Herb Kelleher’s principles of management are almost exactly what I would base my management on, except a couple things I would change. My employees would always come first because they are the people that make the company successful or unsuccessful. My customers are always going to be next because we want to do everything in our power to fit the customer’s needs so that they have the best experience working with us as possible. Repeat customers are always going to generate more profit for the company. I want someone to work for me that has the right attitude and mind