Ethical Self-Assessment In Health Care

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Ethical Self-Assessment
Health care organizations have to make important decisions every day. Most of the decision arises because of the organization experience and the care of patients. There are many new things happening in health care. Laws and ethics need to be in place for administrators to maintain standard regulations and professionalism. The self-assessment that I took showed ethical decision-making and how it can affect certain situations. This paper will discuss the self-assessment and how ACHE standards affect individual decision-making. I will also discuss my individual influence on decision-making and how some of their ethic principles affect health care issues.

Identify the four major ethical principles.
The four major principles
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Another name for it is human dignity. You as an individual can't interfere with another individual's decision, and the obligation to deal with others is to keep promises that won't affect them.
• The principle of beneficence is bringing the good to the actions we give out. You must take the right steps to prevent individuals from harm. But at the same time you still have to respect the autonomy of other individuals, which may cause conflict.
• The principle of nonmaleficence is the harm that cannot get done to others. Even if the harm cannot avoid, you must do as little or minimizing the harm as possible. Do not increase the harm to other individuals and don't waste resources for good to individuals. It should do more good to individuals than harm.
• The principle of justice is giving individuals what they are owed and what they deserve. We must treat individuals with respect, equality and fairness and there should be no imposed burdens that are unfair to individuals. Throughout all of the principles, we are obligated to be fair to all individuals who are treat
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The ACHE standards are in place to help guide executives when they get faced with ethical conflicts and decisions. The code of ethic for ACHE can be use in many different way that include executives behavior, policy, and procedures for health administrative and management, performance standard, ethical decision making as well as a teaching tool. By using this tool, it gives an executive obligation to act in a certain way with trust, respect and confidence to the public as well as to the patients. They should lead as an example of the system with ethical values. The executive is the prime example of ethical behavior and its important for their actions to show integrity and ethical leadership. Using the code of ethic for ACHE will guide individuals in healthcare and be a remodel with their behavior in the