Essay on Ethical Social and Legal Issues of Internet of Things

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Ethical, Social and Legal Issues of Internet
Although internet of things provides lots of advantages to human beings, there are also some issues that IoT has a bad influence on our daily environments. Some internet users are not aware of the danger waiting for them while using the internet of things recently. In legal perspective, since the internet of things is fairly new, there are so many issues related to the laws by using internet that they still haven’t been solved in society. An example of sharing the media tools, songs, software, or illegal downloading/uploading the documents and releasing them in public without authorization, these are all current problems that society have been facing recently harming many businesses, software
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This problem causes them to lack their face-to-face life. It means that young generations slow down their social skill development because of the internet of things. Having always online interaction and communication might show their behaviors in society as not opening up, staying distant to their environment, and cause them to not be able to exploit their freedom of speech or thinking in public. Even the current/older generations choose the simplest way of life in business. Thanks to data and information sharing almost all around the world, the business companies sometimes do not prefer attend to some meetings in person anymore. They are able to attend through their digital presence in the meeting area, a new technology that projects the real time digital person in a meeting for the person. In addition, they prefer to attend to the meetings through online video streaming. As a result, it makes the firms and the people less formal. It is still better to meet someone and shake his/her hand in real time than meeting through hearing or projecting the person’s existence digitally. Due to the IoT, the businesses lack warmth, genuine, and respect in conversations.
Lastly in ethical perspective, although the IoT has lots of advantages in businesses and even personal lives like creating economic and social opportunities and lifting up the technological life style, it still covers many ethical issues that people need to be aware of. Because