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I am the lead surgeon and sole decision maker for all transplant cases. I have three different patients that need heart transplants. I just received a phone call stating that a heart has become available and I will have to act quickly and accordingly. All three patients are good candidates for this heart. Being time is crucial I have decided that Lisa, a 12 year old female that has suffered with life-long health issues is the best candidate for this transplant at this time.
I believe Lisa is the best candidate for this heart transplant overall. As mentioned before she is a 12 year old female that has suffered health issues for the entire 12 years of life from numerous viral infections that ultimately made her a heart candidate. Last year this patient suffered pneumonia that involved her heart stopping and now has caused damage that needs to be repaired. Lisa is a young girl whose teenage years are around the corner. She is the only child of parents who cannot bear more, and one being a reputable, well known oncologist. This family has offered to donate 2 million dollars to the construction of specialized facilities if Lisa is granted a heart transplant. With a new heart this patient will have the rest of her life to flourish.
Jerry is a 55 year old male that is married with 3 children. He is currently awaiting a heart transplant. Jerry is a middle-level manager in the carpet distributing industry. In five years he is eligible for retirement. He is married to Joanie, who is a stay at home mother that has no further education than high school. Together, Jerry and Joanie have three teenage children. A 19 year old who is currently attending sophomore year in college. A 14 year old who is mildly autistic, and the 16 year old who wants to be an astronaut. Jerry is need of a heart transplant due to steroid abuse from his early 20’s. If he is given a new heart Jerry may live an additional 10 to 15 years.
Ozzy is a 38 year old single man whom is known to be homeless. This man suffers from a heart condition that was caused by continued abuse and overdose of crack cocaine. This man is known to frequent homeless shelters and was brought to the hospital by a charity that assists men with no insurance or assets. Without a transplant this patient will not live any more than a month. Ozzy has become involved with troubled teens from a local homework and tutoring place. He has provided insights to these teenagers from an abusers stand point. In the event that he receives a heart he has signed a contract with the same charity stating the continued work as a teenage counselor-mentor for at least a year. If given a new heart at this time, this patient could benefit from a new heart by living up to 10 plus years if he stays away from the abuse, if the abuse were to continue this recipient would only survive a few months.
At this time my decision for the heart transplant goes to Lisa. She is a young girl who has the rest