Ethics and Environmental Ethics Essay

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Environmental Ethics: Catholic View
Ethics are values and attitudes that inform the public on what is wrong or right. One of the global ethical concerns is centers around environment issues. The environment has enticed concerns from philosophers, religious leaders, ethicist, policymakers, lawyers, environmental professionals, economists, ecologists, wildlife biologists and conservationist; all who have an ethical concern about human uses and interaction with their environment. Environmental ethics is consequently entails the theory and practice about appropriate concern for duties in and values regarding the natural world.
Essentially, environmental ethics has been among the concerns that has been raised by
Catholic Church. According to Mizzoni (2014), the Catholic doctrines and teachings focus on resolving human social problems and in the process environmental ethics gets overshadowed.
The believers of this faith believe that every individual is created in resemblance to the creator and that human life has a sacred dignity; the driving force to manage environment, because environment quality is important for quality human life. Catholic leaders strive to connect the theme of stewardship of creation with that of peace and justice. Pope Benedict said “if you want to cultivate peace protect creation.” (McDonough and Rev Sean 5). Environmental ethics as a discipline is more concerned with social justice; the equal distribution of environmental benefits and burdens between the