Ethics and Middle School Essay

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Business and Ethics; a good marriage?

Since middle school, advisors and counselors have been told to teach students about careers. I vividly remember, in 6th grade I took my first career placement exam. I forget what the recommended career was, but it made me think about what my career might hold for me. My first interest was in stocks. The world of stocks was appealing mainly because of how easy is seemed to make a profit. After middle school I switched my focus to medicine. I always wanted to be ambitious, and I knew that doctors were respected and made good secure money. In fact, I held this belief until the upcoming week of college. I discovered that medicine might not be for me, so I chose business. After taking business 101 I realized that this major had more opportunity over anything else. I could be very successful and do something or work for someone that I have a passion for. For example, the sport of squash is very dear to me and the professional game is evolving fast. Business opportunity for this sport is on the rise with the game, and is something I am passionate about. I do not think I will ever change my views on how ambitious I want to be; so taking a risk in the squash business might not be for me. I believe that working for something you love is more important than a paycheck. I understand that being successful might lead to happiness, but spending your time doing something you feel positive about will never get boring. Many people think that determining right and wrong is hard and objective. I have never had that problem. If something was wrong I would always ask my self If I was comfortable. For example, I have never been the best at telling the truth to my parents about things I am not proud of. Sometimes I would say my grades are fine when they are not, and tell myself I would do better next quarter. It doesn’t feel right even though I have justifications. In addition, I have never succumbed to being peer pressured into drinking and driving. “Everyone is doing it” can be a justification, but that doesn’t make it right. If something makes me uncomfortable I know it is wrong. I developed these personal ethics from many places, but family is always the most influential. My mother and father are very involved in my life, and as a child I used them as role models. My father was someone who always did things the right way. When mowing the lawn or doing math homework I would always try shortcuts. He would come over and tell me to do it the long way because it was sure to never hurt me later. In addition, he was always a fair person and did nothing with bias. It taught me to treat people the same way because I would want to be treated fairly. Although my family is not conservative, I was raised in a liberal Jewish house. My parents and friends taught me to be accepting and kind. Others should expect me to put my family and close friends