Personal Narrative: My Middle School Life

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Life was smooth sailing back in the days of middle school. However, at the beginning of middle school, I had my doubts about what life was going to be like during my years in junior-high. I was constantly thinking about getting stuffed in the locker with my 4’8” frame, the ever-growing work load of all my classes, and most importantly, friends. Choosing the right group of friends was really important back in middle school. These are the people who are going to be hanging out with me during the after-school socials, who are going to be suffering with me because of homework, and who always got my back. I feared that I won’t find anyone with these characteristics. I also was scared about the homework associated with each class. With there being …show more content…
In sixth grade, I found a new group of friends whose interests aligned with mine. Hanging out at lunch and sharing food, staying after school for intramurals, and having Cool Math Games competitions were the highlights of my middle school experience. Having a good time with friends requires a balance with school. During my experience, I have found the perfect harmony between social life and school. I academically excelled during school. I have received many honor roll and distinguished honor roll certificates. This is attributable to my work ethic, which I am still proud of today. This was also the time when I have found my love and passion for a career. I vividly remember my seventh grade science class experience. I was really engaged in that class. Learning about biology and how organisms worked really intrigued me. To add on to this, raising trout and participating in the science fair were by far the best memories in terms of academics. I wish I could relive those days over and over again. Also during seventh grade, I have met many war college students. I have become friends with many of them and we also made many great memories together. We had this special connection that happened instantly; right when we looked at each other. From playing ping-pong to biking throughout our neighborhood, I will never forget these