Ethics Case 2 Essay

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Ethics Case #2:
Values, Labour and Business
Country: Uganda

1) Describe the specific nature of significant labour violation in your assigned country.

In my assigned country, Uganda, child labour is a significant labour violation. It has been reported that there are roughly two million youth between the ages of five to seventeen that take part in child labour ( These children are forced to take part in the worst forms of child labour, some of them being sex workers and strippers. Unfortunately, it is the parents, caregivers and teachers that are exploiting the children. As of result of this type of labour violation, the children suffer from psychological problems, early pregnancy, and sexually-transmitted infections. Although the Constitution of Uganda protects the children from any sort of dangerous and/or exploitative labour, these sorts of acts still take place while higher authorities in Uganda turn a blind eye (

2) Which of Relativism or Ethnocentrism do you believe is the cause of the unethical behaviour in this case? Justify your choice.

I believe Ethnocentrism comes into play and is the cause of the unethical behaviour for this particular case. As defined in the textbook, Ethnocentrism is “only the standards of right and wrong that originate from oneself, one’s group, or one’s culture are relevant – no matter the context” (Textbook, Page 100). Although Uganda is not the only country that turns a blind eye to this sort of labour where they exploit, not every single country would condone this. Here in Canada and in the United States, Child labour is strictly prohibited, especially when it comes to using children as sex workers and strippers. These countries that allow labour violations to occur believe it is acceptable and do not attempt to defend human rights due to the fact that it has grown to be normal in their society. Where as in Canada and United States, individuals can be