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“Inventories can be managed, but people must be led” was once said by Ross Perot, a business man as well as a self-made billionaire. Ross Perot believe that the only true things that can be managed was the inventory since they are a tangible object and you can physically count it. However, with people, it is way more complicated since we all are different. Each person is unique thus not even a pair of twin are the same. People also have different personalities and personal values. Bringing you’re own personal values into the work environment could lead people into trouble.
Working in a retail environment, each employee has access to lots of information and products. When products go missing, how do your account for it. The inventory shows you have a quantity available, however, you cannot find it, you ask yourself, where did they go? Another situation is at the checkout stage, the employee or cashier may be looking for their own self-interest in doing so, they enter their own personal account to accumulate other people’s points. Companies have established policies and procedures to make sure that the company is always in benefit and everything is correctly done that the CEO would agree with.
The Code of Ethics of a company is mainly to assist members in making decision while working. Some decision are “wrong” and some are “right” according to the company policy. Within the document, the company’s values and mission statement are woven in between it. Many businesses follow the utilitarianism view, which is the greater good for the greater number. Every company has the Code of Ethic’s document however, what makes each company separate from one another is how they enforce the code. Let’s take a look at Staples’s as an example.
Staples is the largest leader of the office supply industry in the United States. Staples have more than 2,000 stores worldwide in over 23 countries (The Street). The company has been in business for over 25 years. Staples also offer more than 10,000 products and services that are branded by them. The company has 3 main division, the North American Stores & Online Division, North American Commercial Division and International Operations Division. (Company 2012 Annual Report). Within the North American stores, the core departments are Office Supply, Easy Tech and Copy & Print (Staples Advantage). Office Supply are in charge of office supplies.. Easy Tech is in charge of technology or business machines. And finally Copy & Print which is in charge of printing and marketing material.
After accepting the offer letter from the company, you are put straight into training covering items which are specific to the departments as well as the regular administrative trainings welcoming you to the company. Each employee should receive a printed version of the “Employee Handbook” and a “Code of Ethics”. At the end of each document is an acknowledgment form saying that the person signing it has received a copy as well as understand it. One interesting point about the Code of Ethics document from Staples, is that one can be waived for in. (Code of Ethics 21). This already proves that some people are above the company law showing inequality and lack of leadership. However, in order to be waived from the Code of Ethics, you must get approval from higher management.
Each company has their own views, culture or vision. For Staples, they call it the Staples Soul which is made up of Community, Environment, Diversity, and Ethics (Staples Soul). Each category has a specific objective. Community deals with contributing time and money back into the local community. Staples has been involved in many organization like the Boys & Girl Club of America, City of Hope and Junior Achievement. Employees also support mentoring and tutoring programs for the youth. Environment deals with sustainability of the environment. The company has implemented number programs and initiatives to help the earth. By creating the