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Ethics Paper In this situation, I would still try and help my friend. I think that as a manager, you need to help all your employees regardless of whether or not they are your friends. If the problem were unfixable, I would not try and hide what my friend did, but if the problem is fixable, there is no harm in trying to help fix your employees mistakes. In this scenario I think that it is still ethical to try to fix the problem internally before company executives have to get involved. My ethical beliefs are largely based off my Christian morals. I believe that in any business situation, if I follow what the Bible says that I will end up making an ethical decision. My morals and values affect all my decisions. The Golden Rule can easily apply to this ethical situation because I would want my manager to help me fix my mistakes. The Golden Rule states that you should treat other people the way that you want to be treated. If I made a mistake at work, I would never want my manager to hang me out to dry and turn me into the company’s higher ups right away. I would hope that I would do the same thing for my employees. I think that your ethical beliefs have the ability to change, but for some people who are very strong in their beliefs from a young age, they may never change. The business world is always adapting, but I believe that The Bible stands firm and if I base my morals off of that, there is no reason for my morals to change because they will still be applicable