Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay

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Ethics and Social Responsibilities

Randall Blow


July 14, 2016
Lela Dennis

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Responsibility is an act whereby an individual or organization is accountable for an action done. An individual or organization ethical responsibility is to act, recognize and interpret on certain values and principles according to given standard that exist in a locality or context (Treviño, et al., 2014). What type of behavior do ethics determine that is acceptable in a given context? What is good and what is wrong doing this process. While social responsibility is acting with an ethical framework whereby an individual or organization is required to act for the benefit of the society has a whole (Suciu
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Its operations have both short run and long run effects to the community and its employees.

The organization lately has discovered a certain component within the plant in the community that is related to the tobacco they are using. So the decision was made to start using the component in the production of cigarette and encourage the growing of that item or component to ensure that it will be a constant supply of the cigarette production and also encourage the input that which is needed in it. As much has this is going to bring about high profits to the organization as the cost of raw materials is now reduced it also has ethical implications. This is ethically wrong because it will increase the smoking in the region and the cigarette production will continue to escalate and affect the residents of the community. School aged children and the youth will turn into serial smokers that will encouraged them to get them so way and also affected their education.

The advertisement of new products to produce more consumption of the product will encourage the community to headed downhill which is considered to be ethically wrong in more ways than one. The decision making process that effect is will be the organization dilemma whether it affect the decision or not. This decision will lead to effecting the production to make more high