Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay

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Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility

Instructors name: Stacy Hiles 02/20/2012

My topic is on discrimination of ones color of skin. It is not right for one to judge another based on the color of their skin. These days people are still prejudice against one another over the fact they are not the same color. Who is one to say they are any better or superior to another based on this . Yes everyone has their own opinion but; it still don’t make it right in my eyes. It really enrages me when I hear people making racial slurs. I wonder how some people would feel if they were discriminated against for any type of reason. In some cases I have heard a Caucasian state that all African Americans are lazy, or a African American show hatred to a Caucasian because; their ancestors. Another example would be someone looking down on a Hispanic for choosing to work in America. These is general stereotyping, and it is totally against my nature. Some more examples Typical criticisms of such groups include: ‘They steal our jobs.’ ‘They should go back to their own country.’ ‘Britain is becoming overcrowded because immigrants are flooding in.’ ‘It is too easy for immigrants to come into this country.’ ‘They are all involved in crime.’ ‘They do not try to be British.’ (Racial discrimination, Credo Reference Topic). There are so many excuses people state but; in my opinion these are excuses not facts. I found this, and I found this very interesting: The newspaper based that on an analysis of nearly 46,000 traffic stops that also found Milwaukee police pulled over Hispanic motorists nearly five times as often as white drivers. It also found that police searched black drivers at twice the rate of whites, but those searches didn't lead to higher rates of seized weapons, drugs or stolen property. (Proquest Racial disparities found in traffic stops) This goes to show you that racial stereotyping is everywhere. Its absurd to think that our law officials act in such a way. These are the people we our supposed to look up to, not to ended up losing respect for the law.

Utilitarianism would state that there is a way it could be fair. One example would be stating it would be fair to judge one by the color of their skin because; maybe it’s possible that a stereotype could factor into ones characteristic. I still don’t agree yes maybe a African American is lazy but; it’s not because of the color of their skin they are just in general a lazy person. Another example is a Caucasian may show hatred for foreigner’s because; they agree with their ancestors but; that does not count for everyone. This again is stereotyping, and I don’t agree with it. There is no solid facts in utilitarianism because; I just don’t believe it is fair for one to judge another for any reason whatsoever. How would this be fair in any way? I just can’t fathom the thought of being against someone because; they are a different color. I always look at it like would I wanted to be treated differently just because; I was brought in this world the color that I am. You can’t help what you were brought into this world as black, white, Hispanic, etc. In my opinion everyone should be seen as equal. Life is short we should be honest , and respectful to all. We are all human beings, and deserve to be treated like one. If we call that person the moral agent, then virtue ethics concerns itself with that