Euthanasia: Capital Punishment and Euthanasia Essay

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Some call it murder, while others call it mercy killing. Euthanasia is literally pulling the plug on someone or giving a criminal lethal injection. It is hard to argue whether or not to be for or against euthanasia because it is not as simple as black or white; it is the decision of ending the life of another person. However, people should not be against euthanasia practice because it can end suffering or possibly take a mass murderer off the streets. And if we can play god by saving lives with modern medicine, then what is wrong with giving mercy to someone who is suffering or is a burden to society? An example of euthanasia being used to end suffering is my own grandmother. My grandmother wished to end her suffering after having a stroke from the stress of fighting cancer for the third time. She had breast cancer twice and would have died if her doctor had not intervened and decided to put her through chemotherapy. This, thankfully, allowed her to spend many more years loving us and also allowed us to love her as much as we did. She thankfully made it that far with the help of modern medicine. This is not the only case of the medical world working the magic it does. Countless people have been saved from hundreds of thousands of diseases. Through vaccinations, antibiotics and antiviral drugs your mom, your dad, your sibling, your spouse and your child have been saved from illness. Although when we prolong the suffering of someone whose time has come, we push breaking the laws of nature. The third my grandmother had cancer, was the worst. Bone cancer slowly started crippling her body. She knew that her time had come. She had made the decision to have the doctors cut her off from the support they were giving her. If we had not let my grandmother go when she did, she would have been mute, paralyzed on her entire left side and fighting bone cancer. Does that sound like any way to live? This is the first reason why I support euthanasia. Euthanasia protects people from terrorists, murderers, and dangerous sociopaths. People