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Laramie Clawson- Roberts
Steve Kirchhoff
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14 October 2013 Flight of the Fittest Flight-- one of the most sought after luxuries of the human race -- is consequently one of the quickest and most logical ways of travel. Because of this, people pay hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars to fly everyday. Whether it be for a business meeting or to see their family from across the globe, they are flying on airlines that should be treating their loyal customers with respect and courtesy. This isn't always the case because most airlines are greedy and like to scam their customers knowing that they are willing to pay, as long as they get to their destination quickly. I recently have ridden on Northwest Airlines which was not one of my most pleasant trips. They had selfish and rude flight attendants, microscopic snack bags that took a macroscopic chunk out of my wallet, and the boy in front of me kept pushing his seat back and forth against my knees. This was not what I was expecting on one of the most popular airlines in America, it was terribly disappointing. Firstly, the flight was half an hour late on a clear sunny day when there wasn't a cloud in the sky. How can a plane be late if the weather isn't bad? What is even stopping them from getting a move on? Its not like they wait around for their customers who are running late because the baggage lines are to long and they couldn't find the terminal in the mile-long airport. The whole country was clear-- the mid-summer and dry spells seasons kind of clear. After my anxious and grueling wait in the hot, crowded Bozeman Airport, the plane finally arrived, and I began to take my seat. Being my first trip alone, I was tremendously disappointed with the size of the plane, which was a “mere puddle jumper” I heard someone say. As I took my seat by the window in those god-awful, plastic-blue, uncomfortable seats, the attendant told me I would have to sit on the outside because the gentlemen that was supposed to be sitting by me had flight sickness and needed the window seat. I know this happens a lot, but I had paid an extra fifty dollars to sit in that seat. The attendant glared at me when I told her no, and then preceded to tell me that the man was a well known patron and he deserved the seat. The fact that just because this man, a pig-faced slob, had more frequent flier miles than me, he was allowed to boss around the other customers, it wasn't right. I just kept my mouth shut and slid across the row of seats, but when the man tried to get past me, I did what any other polite woman would do and put my feet in the way. He sloppily fell into the window seat, and, with a smile on my face. I was ready to get to my destination. The flight continued to get worse; the seat in front of me was rammed into my knees about six times before the mother said, “STOP BILLY,” a boy of what looked like to be nine years old. He did stop for about fifteen minutes, but then he became impatient. By the second time that rotten chair was rammed into my now bruising knees. I called the flight attendant over and asked her if I could switch seats. To my surprise, I would have to bust out the credit card if I wanted to be comfortable. This absolutely appalled me! I didn't even want to be in that seat in the first place. To top it off, I became sick on the plane. My stomach was an ocean of gurgling and growling, the crashing waves of acid in my tummy almost woke up the sleeping man across the isle. I had forgotten that I had given my credit card to my mother for safe keeping and had only brought my debit card. Nowadays, Northwest only takes credit, no cash. All I had wanted was a refreshing ginger ale to sooth my rumbling belly, but to add to my discomfort the only item available for free was H2O. I paid over 500 dollars to be on this flight and the only