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“Southwest Airlines”
November 08, 2013
Dr. W

“Southwest Airlines”
Southwest Airlines exceeds the market of all other US based airlines. The only year that they did not earn a profit was their first year of operations. Since then a profit has been made every year. That type of track record alone has made Southwest Airlines stand out from all of its competitors. Considering how the economy is, that is a great achievement.
While viewing Business Management’s video on Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, I saw an example of how corporate culture is displayed. Southwest is also committed to provide their employees with equal opportunities for learning, stable work environment and personal growth. Employees are provided with respect and caring attitudes within the organization and in return are expected to share externally with every Southwest customer (Smith, 2004). Kelly is a great leader which seems to come natural and easy to him. He is a people person that doesn’t make people feel less inferior to him because he is the CEO. He is a casual dresser and that always makes people feel more comfortable than if he were to wear a suit and tie. In his home base airport in Dallas Texas he walks through the airport greeting all of his employees by name. He even gives hugs and shakes hands with most of the staff, that skill and trait is what makes Kelly an effective leader.
While flying on the plane he sits in the noises part of the plane and in the most cramping seat for a man that is over 6 feet tall. Kelly does this in order